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Maintain your car tyres properly with us for safe driving

When it comes to any vehicle, the tyres are the major part that is regularly in contact with the road. There are different types and other aspects of the tyres that differ from one vehicle to the other with different purposes. Campbelltown Tyres and Exhaust Center is a one-stop solution for all the products related to vehicles. With abundant knowledge and experience, we deal with the Alloy wheels and tyres for different kinds and models of the cars. We are also associated with leading brands all around Australia.

Our core values

  • To provide supreme-quality service
  • Proper guidance from the customer
  • Long term relationship with potential customers
  • Ensuring safety for the vehicle and passengers

Why choose Campbelltown Tyres and Exhaust Center?

  • With different types and qualities of tyres, we help in determining the right tyre for the vehicle.
  • We assure the best deals on your trusted tyres and ensure the overall installation services.
  • With experience in the market, we offer a reliable service.
  • As we value our customer more, we offer round the clock customer service through different means.
  • We offer secured and easy payment gateways.

How to choose the right tyre size

To get the best tyre for the vehicle, choosing the right tyre size is vital. Every tyre comes with all the necessary information on the tyre. So, you need to understand the complete meaning for it before choosing it. For example, if you find 205/55 R 15 in the tyre, it represents lots of aspects. 205 is the width of the tyre in mm, 55 is the percentage of the sidewall tread width, R is the radial construction, and 15 inches is the rim diameter of the wheel, and the tyres should be designed exactly to fix on it.

When should you contact us to replace the tyre in the car?

  • If there is any crack in the sidewalls and tread blocks, you need to consider replacing the tyres. It is due to the weather conditions like heat, cold, ice, snow or water.
  • If you find any bulging in the tyre, it needs a replacement.  It causes after the substantial impact with the curb or pothole.
  • Sometime, you may feel some vibration when you are driving. This is because of the inner core of the tire is separated or shifted. Here, replacing the tyre is the only option.
  • Have the depth test periodically. If you find that the depth is decreasing, and it is becoming flattened, you have to consider changing the tyre.
  • Most obviously, focus on the age of the tyre.  If you are using the same car tyre for 5 to 6 years, the value and quality of the tyre do not remain the same. So, you have to change at least once in 5 or 6 years.

Understanding the importance of the tyre in the vehicle, we can approach us for further services. You shall also discuss with our professional for the overall maintenance of your car.

What Clients Say

Carl Wellock

Ceorge and the team are professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Carl Wellock

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Karen Hayward

Campbelltown Exhaust been looking after myself and my family for over 20yrs. Highly recommend.

Karen Hayward

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Eddie Meslemani

Absolute professionals and would highly recommend them to anyone

Eddie Meslemani

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Ronnie Kadir

5 stars all the way, one stop knowledgeable shop, nothing mechanical you can’t have done to your car there.

Ronnie Kadir

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